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There are many reasons why you might find yourself seeking the legal services of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. At Hayes Fry Law, we provide legal services for real estate law, corporate law, estate planning, and family law. Regardless of which area of law you need assistance or representation in, there are certain questions that you should always ask lawyers in Grande Prairie before you hire them.

Do You Have Experience?

The first thing to ask a lawyer whom you're considering hiring is if they have a track record in the area of practice that you are looking for services in. It is crucial for you to succeed in your case- whatever that case may be - that your lawyer has experience in the area of law that you are in. Experience and a proven track record means they have a better chance of helping you achieve the outcome you are hoping for or at least help you to get a ruling that is favorable to you.

Are You or is Your Law Firm Distinguished?

Ask the attorney if he or she has received any awards or special recognition. Asking this question is an excellent way to weed out the mediocre lawyers in Grande Prairie from the exceptional ones. For example, has the attorney whom you're thinking of hiring won any landmark rulings? Are they highly recommended and in good standing the Canadian Bar Association? Perhaps they have received a client distinction award or something similar. Such distinction is a strong indicator that the lawyer is honest, ethical, fair, and very good at what they do.

Do You Have Great Reviews?

Another question to ask is one that you don't need to wait for an answer to because you can find out for yourself. Ask if your attorney has any reviews and quotes from former clients. Thanks to the power of the Internet, and especially social media and review sites, you can verify this information for yourself. Seeing what past clients have to say about a particular lawyer or law firm is a pretty accurate gauge of how they will represent you.

Can You State Your Services in Writing?

Will the lawyer provide you with any written information about themselves or their law firm in their area of practice before you meet with them? If they provide you with these written materials, it not only serves to provide you with the information that you need to make an educated decision, but it also gives you something in writing whereby you can hold them accountable should they not live up to their promises.

Do You Public Sector Experience?

Ask the attorney whether or not they have any valuable public sector experience. For example, have they worked as a judicial law clerk? If your case is criminal law, have they worked as a prosecutor or public defender before entering private practice? It's always good to have a lawyer who has experience on both sides of the aisle and who knows how the system works on both ends. Contact Hayes Fry Law if you are looking for the best lawyers in Grande Prairie.

Lawyers Grande Prairie