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Child Support

Helping You Mediate a Child Support Agreement

Are your concerns about child support preventing you from making decisions in your child's best interest, including the decision to file for divorce? Is your ex-partner refusing to acknowledge paternity, exercise visitation or pay support? Let Mark Bain Law Offices, P.A. in Hallandale, Florida help you figure out your options.

For a free initial telephone consultation and to schedule an appointment with an experienced Florida child support lawyer, contact our Hallandale office by phone at 954-455-8802 or by e-mail through this Web site.

Insight and Experience to Help You Reach Agreements in Child Support

At Mark Bain Law Offices, P.A., our child support attorney, Mark Bain, offers insight gained through years of experience resolving child custody, divorce, and other family law matters to help parents negotiate child support agreements that are in the best interests of the child and appropriate for each parent's financial and personal circumstances.

Establishing Fair Child Support Obligations with Attention to Detail

We want to help you avoid discord and focus on the best interests of your children. Through thorough analysis of your and your spouse's financial records, personal circumstances, and your children’s needs, we will help you establish child support obligations that are fair and accurate. That involves:

  • Calculating income accurately by identifying all income sources
  • Identifying available income deductions and assessing appropriate or overstated income deductions
  • Identifying factors that may justify a deviation in the state’s statutory child support guidelines

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding child support calculations and enforcement, please contact us.

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