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Determining Paternity for Child Custody and Support

At Mark  Bain Law Offices, P.A., we work with mothers and fathers to establish paternity, resolve child support disputes, and formulate child custody and visitation agreements. Our focus is on the best interests and welfare of their children while being fair and respectful of the parental rights of the mother and the father.

Contact our Hallandale office by phone at 954-455-8802 or by e-mail through this Web site to speak to our experienced Florida paternity attorney. We offer a free initial telephone consultation.

Addressing Your Concerns and Questions about Paternity

  • Do you need to establish custody, child support, and visitation for a child born outside of wedlock?
  • Are you unable to obtain child support because the father of your child refuses to acknowledge paternity?
  • Is the mother of your child challenging paternity and refusing to let you spend time with your child?
  • Are you unable to seek custody of your child because paternity has been called into question?
  • Are you being forced to pay child support for a child who is not yours?

We Protect Your Parental Rights in Paternity Actions

At Mark  Bain Law Offices, P.A., we work with unmarried parents to establish and enforce the non-custodial parent's obligation to pay child support. Our founder, attorney Mark Bain, also protects both parents' parental rights, including the right to have a relationship with the child.

We will work with you to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to establish paternity. That includes initiating a paternity proceeding and obtaining DNA testing, if paternity has not yet been established or if paternity is challenged.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a paternity action, please contact us.

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