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Post-Judgment Modifications

We Help You When Circumstances Change in Your Life

In Florida, a "substantial change in circumstances" can be grounds for increasing, decreasing, or terminating a child support or alimony order, or for modifying a child custody order. At the Hallandale-based Mark Bain Law Offices P.A., in Hallandale, Florida, we help our clients reach resolutions in the modification of child support, spousal support or child custody orders.

We invite you to contact us by phone at 954-455-8802 or by e-mail through this Web site to schedule an appointment with our attorney. We offer a free initial telephone consultation.

Substantial Change in Your Financial Situation

At Mark Bain Law Offices P.A., we help clients who suffered a substantial change in circumstances related to job loss, disability, injury or other situations resulting from factors beyond their control. Such changes may render it difficult or impossible to comply with an existing child support or alimony order.

Modification of Child Support Orders

A post judgment child support modification is available when necessary and in the best interests of the child. If you have had a substantial change in circumstances that is significant, material, permanent, and involuntary, our founder, Mark Bain, can help you. She has experience in handling complex legal and financial issues to help you obtain a child support modification.

Modification of Alimony Orders

Bankruptcy, unemployment, or other substantial changes in your financial situation can make it impossible to continue paying alimony at the current level. In Florida, a substantial change in an alimony recipient’s need and/or the alimony payor’s ability to pay can be grounds for a post judgment modification to increase, decrease, or terminate alimony. We can help.

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