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Supportive Relationships

What to do if Your Spouse is in a Supportive Relationship

If your former spouse is unmarried, but living in a supportive relationship, Mark Bain Law Offices P.A. may be able to help you reduce or terminate spousal support payments. You have options under the law. At Mark Bain Law Offices P.A. in Hallandale, Florida, we represent clients whose ex-spouses are skirting the law through a “de-facto” marriage.

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Identifying a Supportive Relationship

The Florida Legislature has enacted new laws to address the supportive relationship between a former spouse and a new paramour who are cohabitating but are not married. Prior to the statutory revision, since alimony is typically only terminated upon the recipient’s remarriage or either party’s death, alimony recipients were taking advantage of this loophole by living with their new partner without the benefit of marriage in order to prevent their alimony from terminating. If your former spouse is financially interdependent with another person, is commingling assets, and/or is in a relationship that is substantially similar to a marriage, you may have grounds for an action to modify or terminate your spousal support obligation.

Assessing the Nature of Your Ex-Spouse’s Supportive Relationship

At Mark Bain Law Offices P.A., your attorney will address the details of your ex-spouse’s supportive relationship. We review all aspects of the co-habitation, including financial records and the relationship that the couple has with one another. Do they have children together? Do they own assets together? Do they hold themselves out to be “husband” and “wife” or the equivalent by friends and family?

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