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Visitation and Timesharing

Helping You Maintain a Relationship with Your Child

An important component of resolving custody issues is the successful establishment of visitation and timesharing schedules. At Mark Bain Law Offices P.A. in Hallandale, Florida, we focus on the best interests of the children as it relates to your frequent contact and your relationship with them.

We invite you to contact us by phone at 954-455-8802 or by e-mail through this Web site to schedule an appointment with our attorney regarding a visitation schedule. We offer a free initial telephone consultation.

Developing Timesharing and Visitation Schedules for Quality Time with Your Children

We want to ensure that you spend quality time with your children and their best interests are a top priority. Family law courts provide us various models of parental time-sharing schedules in divorce and paternity matters. Those merely serve as a template for the courts to use and are not mandated by law. Your situation may require a very specific visitation arrangement based on unique circumstances.

When Domestic Violence is a Factor in Visitation and Timesharing Agreements

At Mark Bain Law Offices P.A., we often handle cases in which children or spouses have been abused. In those cases where domestic violence is a factor, we strive for some form of supervised visitation or some other timesharing restriction. Often a therapist or other expert is helpful in assisting the parties and their children in creating a parenting plan that will help the family move forward in the context of a divorce. Children need to bond and have a positive relationship with both parents, even in fragile situations. Again, the best interests of the children are paramount.

The Benefits of Mediation in Visitation Agreements and Parenting Plans

Attorney Mark Bain, our firm’s founder and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator, believes in the process of mediation. He encourages her clients to resolve issues about visitation and parenting plans through mediation and to attempt to avoid putting the decision in the hands of an impartial judge who does not know you or your family. However, if litigation is necessary to further your interests, Mark Bain has the skills, experience and tenacity to achieve the best possible result in your case.

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