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Equitable Property Division

Equitably Dividing Your Marital Assets

At Mark Bain Law Offices, P.A. in Hallandale, Florida, we have extensive experience in property settlements and equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities. Whether you and your spouse are in agreement or plan to let the court determine your rights to marital property, we will work with you to ensure that your rights are protected and a fair property division is obtained.

We invite you to contact us by phone at 954-455-8802 or by e-mail through this Web site to schedule an appointment to discuss your property division and settlement case. We offer a free initial telephone consultation.

Protecting What You Contributed and Earned

At Mark Bain Law Offices, P.A., we have developed and negotiated property settlements and litigated complex equitable distribution cases by determining each parties' contributions to assets obtained and liabilities incurred during the marriage, including:

  • Title to property and commingling of assets owned prior to the marriage
  • Duration of the marriage and its effect on determining marital and non-marital assets and liabilities, including marital contributions to non-marital assets
  • Desirability of maintaining the marital home as a resident for any dependent child of the marriage
  • A party's misconduct, including fraud and intentionally destroying, dissipating, or hiding assets, is also considered in equitable distribution

Thorough Preparation of Your Property Settlement

Property rights established in a final dissolution order cannot be modified in the future based on changed circumstances. Attorney Mark Bain’s background and experience means she knows what it takes to ensure that all aspects of your family law case, including financial matters, are fully developed prior to the final divorce decree. That often means teaming with forensic accountants and other financial experts to find hidden assets and accounts, to assess the value of business interests, or to fully and accurately analyze incomes pursuant to the domestic relations statutes.

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