Elder Law Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Elder Law Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Estate Planning

Ensuring our clients have a structured estate plan is paramount at The Law Offices of Mark Bain, P.A. Our focus encompasses the creation of wills and trusts that reflect your desires for your estate's future. Our specialized elder law attorney in Fort Lauderdale simplifies the complexities of estate planning, offering peace of mind that your assets and beneficiaries are well-protected.

Medicaid Planning

Our elder law services extend to comprehensive Medicaid planning, an essential aspect given the rising cost of healthcare. We assist with the intricate process of qualifying for Medicaid, thus safeguarding your assets while ensuring access to necessary medical care without the financial burden overwhelming your savings and estate.


In situations where an individual can no longer make competent decisions about their finances or health, our firm stands ready to assist with guardianship applications. This essential service ensures that a responsible and compassionate guardian is appointed to manage the affairs of those unable to do so themselves, be it due to age or health-related issues.

Social Security Benefits

Navigating the complexities of Social Security benefits is a daunting task for many. At our office, we provide guidance on eligibility, application processes, and appealing denied claims. Our objective is to assure that our elderly clients or those with disabilities receive the benefits they are entitled to.

Long-term Care Planning

Anticipating the need for long-term care is a critical element of elder law. Our approach involves assessing potential future healthcare needs and establishing a financial strategy to cover these costs. This might include long-term care insurance or other mechanisms to protect your assets while ensuring you receive the quality care you need.

Retirement Planning

Preparing for retirement involves more than just saving money. Our expertise allows us to offer advice on a range of strategies to secure a stable financial future in retirement, from investment advice to navigating pension plans and IRA distributions. This holistic approach ensures our clients can look forward to their retirement years with confidence.

Elder Abuse

Protecting our clients from elder abuse, be it financial, physical, or emotional, is a critical aspect of our work. We diligently pursue justice for victims, utilizing legal avenues to hold perpetrators accountable. Our firm also implements preventive measures, educating clients and their families on recognizing and avoiding potential abuse.

Healthcare Directives

Advance healthcare directives are a cornerstone of elder law, ensuring that an individual's healthcare wishes are respected even when they cannot communicate them themselves. We assist in drafting detailed living wills and health care proxies that reflect our clients' wishes, providing clarity and direction for families during difficult times.


The probate process can be complex and emotionally taxing. Our role is to streamline this process, minimizing stress for the decedent's loved ones. Whether it's validating the will, settling debts, or distributing assets, our experienced team ensures that the probate process proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Trust Administration

Trust administration is another pivotal service we provide. This involves managing and overseeing a trust's assets according to the grantor's intentions. Our expertise ensures that trusts are administered effectively, respecting the grantor's wishes while also adhering to legal requirements.

At The Law Offices of Mark Bain, P.A., our commitment is to provide tailored legal services to meet the unique needs of each client. Our comprehensive approach to elder law in Fort Lauderdale encompasses a wide range of services designed to protect the legal rights and financial well-being of the elderly and their families. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your elder law needs.

Elder Law Attorney Fort Lauderdale

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